Boca Grande Tarpon Fishing Charters:

Catch the “Silver King”!

Tarpon are a migratory sport fish that travel in large groups and can exceed weights of 200lbs. Long and silvery with large scales, they are know for their drag screaming runs and their high flying acrobatics.

Depending on the time of the Spring or Summer, there are a few ways to target them. Live bait such at threadfin herring and live blue crabs work extremely well on the beaches and in the harbor and artificial lures known as jigs are the primary choice when the fish are in Boca Grande pass.

Tarpon fishing is one of the most exciting fishing trips you can take in Florida. From the visual experience of seeing thousands of fish “rolling” on the surface, the initial blistering run right after hookup, and the awe inspiring leaps into the air… you’ll be sure to be back to catch the “Silver King” year after year.

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World Famous Boca Grande

In April, tarpon begin to invade Charlotte Harbor. They first begin to arrive to the deep holes and flats in the harbor where we fish for them with live bait or casting artificial lures.  At the same time, just to the south of us in Pine Island Sound, tarpon are making their way north for the annual migration towards Boca Grande pass. During the early part of tarpon season here, these tarpon are typically traveling in small pods of 10-25 fish and they average in weight between 80lbs and 100lbs

Once they arrive in world famous Boca Grande pass, they really put the feed bag on and eat because they need to build up strength and stamina for their annual spawn. They arrive in the pass and surrounding waters by the thousands and when they do, we’re there ready for them. It’s game on!  

With tarpon being a species that Capt. Jay specializes in, the tarpon trips can be filled with lots of excitement. From beach fishing to deep jigging, Boca Grande Pass tarpon fishing is truly your ticket to a trophy!

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