Southwest Florida’s Most Exciting Fishing

From sight casting to tailing redfish to wrestling 400lb goliath grouper, and everything in between. Capt. Jay offers wide variety of fishing styles and targets numerous species of game fish.

Whether you want to battle the might “Silver King”, or throw a fly at snook… Capt. Jay has you covered. Learn some more about our charter offerings below.

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Southwest Florida Inshore Fishing

Whether you’re a novice or experienced angler, inshore fishing offers an exciting adventure. Spend the day with Capt. Jay chasing after redfish, snook, and trout on the flats in the shallow backcountry of Charlotte Harbor.

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Southwest Florida Tarpon Fishing

Boca Grande is World famous for tarpon fishing; and for good reason. Every Spring and Summer, thousands of them invade our beaches, passes, and bays. Capt. Jay is an accomplished and experience tarpon guide.

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Southwest Florida Extreme Fishing

If you are looking for a fishing charter that will test your angling skills and brute strength, our “Extreme Fishing Charters” are what you’re looking for. Goliath grouper and sharks that can weigh over 400lbs roam our waters.

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fly fisherman in boca grande

Southwest Florida Fly Fishing

We offer guided fly fishing trips in Boca Grande and Charlotte Harbor. These are some of the best backcountry and flats fishing areas in the state, and a favorite for inshore fly fisherman. Sight fish the flats for Florida’s most popular inshore species.

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Why Southwest Florida is the Premiere Charter Fishing Destination

The bays, rivers, grass flats, and mangrove island mazes of Southwest Florida provide fertile estuaries for a number of Florida’s famous inshore species. These include tarpon, mangrove snapper, redfish, speckled sea trout, snook, and sheepshead.

Home to The Tarpon Fishing Capital of the World. Each spring, anglers come to the fisheries of Charlotte Harbor and Boca Grande Pass with the plan to catch a monster tarpon. This is a monster of a gamefish and southwest Florida is home to the most epic Tarpon fishing on the planet. It is also home to the largest tarpon tournaments in the state.

Tarpon tournament conservations note:

“The 2018 World’s Richest Tarpon Trust is proud to partner with Bonefish & Tarpon Trust and Captain’s for Clean Water to work together on ethics, etiquette, and education for the benefit of the Boca Grande fishery.”

fisherman using a fly rod and a spinnning tackle rod in charlotte harbor

Southwest Florida is a land of varied vistas. The region possesses no mountains or deserts, but the bays, grass flats, mangrove islands, and fertile estuaries eclipse the dearth of mountains and deserts. These bays and grass flats provide a haven for the region’s multitude of aquatic game – Southwest Florida is, undeniably, an angler’s paradise!

Anglers reap Tarpon, Mangrove Snapper, Redfish, Speckled Seatrout, Snook and Sheepshead from these crystal clear waters, with ease. Moreover, Captain Jay, and the team at Silver Lining Charters will guide you in reeling-in some of the region’s most thrilling offerings: Snook and Tarpon!

Although Many of Captain Jay’s clients are experienced anglers and employ his expert knowledge to reel-in trophy worthy aquatic game, he possesses vast experience in inducting the novice angler in the secrets of the brine. Guided by Captain Jay’s encyclopedic knowledge of the region, even the novice angler can seek and catch the regions hardest caught inshore game.

Southwest Florida is home to the Tarpon. In fact, anglers refer to the region as “The Tarpon Fishing Capital of the World.” The World’s most competitive Tarpon harvesting competitions are hosted here: anglers battle to capture the heftiest Tarpon. Trophy-worthy Tarpon are reeled-in along Charlotte Harbor and Boca Grande Pass.

The waters along Charlotte Harbor and Boca Grande Pass, two of Florida’s most immaculate mangrove lined inshore areas, are infested with Snook, Redfish, Trout, and a myriad of noteworthy fish species – the region offers an almost endless catalog of fish. Sight cast Redfish, battle a goliath grouper, target the Silver King (Tarpon) or wrestle a shark with Capitan Jay among Southwest Florida’s untouched landscape, Charlotte Harbor and Boca Grande Pass!

The water that surrounds these mangrove lined barrier islands is shallow and averages two feet in depth. These waters are placid and infrequently succumb to swells that often buffet Florida’s East coast, and so it’s said: reaping fish from Southwest Florida is much like fishing lakeside. Moreover, the angler encounters numerous species of fauna and flora among the mangrove, Dolphin play among the waves and the Bald Eagle nests among the trees.

Southwest Florida, in many ways, is a land of beauty and history. They mythical pirate Jose Gasper had his secret lair among the mangrove-lined islands. Moreover, the majesty of this land is awe-inspiring and intoxicating.