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For some anglers, inshore fishing just doesn’t cut it. Some anglers seek the thrill of larger fish that roam the depths of the deep blue sea. Whether targeting these fish by jigging, trolling or casting to near-surface fish such as mahi-mahi, some anglers just have to have that offshore action. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to access those offshore waters. Situations such as weather, time, money and other factors play a huge role when it comes to getting offshore. But for those who seek that offshore thrill but don’t have the means necessary to access those favorable waters, there’s good news. Here in southwest Florida, there’s an area full of artificial reefs, structure and rock piles in an area that is referred to as nearshore, and the fishing can be phenomenal.

Many anglers have different opinions as to where the nearshore zone begins and when it ends. In general, the nearshore waters encompass just past the surf zone and out for just a few miles, but always within sight of land. This is a very dynamic area since it includes tidal influx, ocean currents and even freshwater flow from inland bays, estuaries and rivers. This constant movement of water by the tides and ocean currents keep nutrient-rich waters in the area. Along with all the structure, this nearshore area is a hotbed for several species of fish and marine life.

This nearshore zone offers up several types of structure ranging from reefs, both natural and artificial, rock piles, ship wrecks and all sorts of drop-offs and deep channels. These provide ideal habitats for both inshore and offshore species making it a mecca for all types of fish. King mackerel, redfish, cobia, snapper, grouper, seatrout, rock bass, amberjacks and many, many more can be found within this nearshore zone. Beside resident nearshore species, you can also find migratory species that use the nearshore zone as feeding opportunities on their way through. Even sailfish and mahi-mahi have been known to frequent these lively reefs scattered throughout the nearshore zone.

Next time you have a hankering for some offshore action but aren’t able to take that ride, check out the nearshore action here in Boca Grande, FL. You don’t have to venture far to get that quality offshore style fishing that many of us are drawn to. Be sure to book a trip with Captain Jay Withers here at Silver Lining Charters for that one-of-a-kind nearshore fishing trip. Whether you’re an experienced angler looking for trophy fish or a novice looking to gain some insight, capt. Jay has the knowledge and tools to make each and every trip a success.

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