The Hunt for Reds in October

By October 5, 2016Fishing Reports
Redfish seem to be schooled up in good numbers right now and can be taken on live bait or artificial.  The live bait has been fairly easy to get on the flats and when used as chum the redfish stay active for a good length of time.  Using topwater baits is always a favorite for clients that wish to have the visual take.  Nothing is more exciting than seeing that big bull redfish pile up on a topwater by pushing a wake behind the bait.
 We have enjoyed using the fly rod as well the past couple of trips.  When the redfish are all grouped up they can be easily seen on the shallow flats.  This makes for a great opportunity to get a small gurgler fly or baitfish pattern fly into the group.  Many times there are several fish chasing down your fly presentation and the the chance at a 30+ inch redfish on fly is hard to pass up.

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Author Jay Withers

Capt. Jay is a full time fishing guide in Charlotte Harbor, FL and specializes in tarpon, snook, redfish, & trout fishing.

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